Thursday, June 17, 2010

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Crysis Environment

EXP3 Landscape


Bode Thale Valley in Germany is what I chose for EXP3, because it has an aloof, secretive feeling to it. The slightly faded foggy appearance makes it look almost mystical. I thought this characteristic would go well with both the clients. The mystical aura depicting Power would go well for Angela Merkel's office. Where as, Helen Keller would enjoy the pristine and secretive environment to support the kind of creative output she is required to produce in her field.

36 Textures

Sketchup Model: Interior

Sketchup Model : Exterior

The Sketchup model exteriour images show the two offices. The curvaceous "ear-shaped" office for Helen Keller, a deafblind person. Her office provides with "the ear" in the form of her office - for her to hear what the world has to say.
The other office, with its pronounced straight lines symbolize the strict, confining rules of politics and bureaucracy that encompasses Angela Merkel and her office.
The bridge connects the two offices, and distinguishes between their contrasting forms at the same time. It is a space that acts as the middle ground, a transition space between the organic forms of Keller's office as opposed to Merkel's.
The table appears to be made up of a single interconnected body where the two clients. However, each 'side' of the table conform to the theme of each of the clients offices. One end being organic and curvaceous, where as the other being basically rectilinear.